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The Microsoft Electronics application helped customers learn more about Microsoft's software and hardware products for various rooms in the home.

Users could move from room to room and select from several different bundled retail packages or customize their own, see how different products linked together, and get real-time invoice pricing for all selections.

For IDEAbuilder, a high-end residential building company, we developed a touch free High Performance Shell Home Configurator.

The application allows their clients the ability to snap together their dream home from a library of architectural components that can be digitally fabricated at a variety of factories in IDEAbuilder's manufacturing network.

SpiralConcepts has developed content and technology for a variety of virtual reality and virtual world platforms.

Among our favorites was Vivaty, a venture capital backed multi-user 3D social platform that allowed users the ability to view and interact with each other in 3D scenes via a small browser plug-in for Facebook or AOL AIM.

Created for San Francisco based comic book artist 3Satva (Tres Satva), the Retinex augmented reality application offers readers a way of interacting with the story beyond what is possible with normal comics.

Readers can use the augmented reality web app with the comic's AR markers to watch videos, control virtual cameras, and access more of the narrative about this sci-fi story.

This application for Siemens helped customers learn how to unload and assemble a product from their Energy Division.

Users were able to play and pause the training animation while freely navigating the scene to get the optimal perspective for completing the task. The application worked on the web, mobile, and with virtual reality head mounted displays.

In collaboration with our Danish partner Euman, we have developed the world's first mixed reality gaming platform.

The Playingmondo platform combines the power of cutting edge web3D to create environments of real world locations with onsite mobile devices to allow virtual and onsite users the ability to interact with digital content and each other for a 'mixed reality' experience.